Michele Anelli doublebass
Jean-Marc Baccarini saxophones
Lorenzo Capello drums & percussions
Andrea Bazzicalupo guitar

new album ”PITH”

out May 2022 on OrangeHome Records!

PITH‘s music is a sort of filmic close-up of a face in the moment of its changing expression.

Charged with physical and metaphysical energy, dense but at the same time unstable and light, PITH‘s music explores a wide spectrum of sounds and forms in music, trying to get lost until the first movement of the immovable.

A collaborative project created in 2019 – a group of the present time, working on the boundaries between free music, contemporary improvisation and jazz.

https://bfan.link/like-drops-2  ”Like drops”

preview track of the forthcoming album ”PITH” out May 18th, on OrangeHomeRecords